Mick & Andrew

Mick Mick Wannenmacher

Michael is a primary school teacher with a penchant for storytelling, playing guitar, and drawing funny pictures on the white board. He will happily abandon a maths lesson in order to get his class to write stories and act them out. His students have been begging him to write a book for ages and hopefully this will keep them occupied while he enjoys his coffee in the staff room.

Andrew Andrew Traucki

Andrew is a parent to two adventurous boys and knows first-hand the power of good storytelling. An accomplished scriptwriter and filmmaker (he wrote and directed Black Water, The Reef and The Jungle), Andrew has always been fascinated by myths and history. When Andrew’s not working on film and TV scripts, he’s hanging out with his kids, kicking the footy, going surfing and pondering difficult questions such as, ‘what would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse?’ Andrew lives in Sydney with his family and has a cat called Zeus.


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